Enjoy a cocktail at Machida's dining bar

A dining bar where you can relax on the couch any time

One wld, a dining bar near Machida Station, offers a wide variety of drinks such as beer, wine and whiskey. There are many types of cocktails, and there are popular menus such as classic gin tonics, mosque mules, martini, and gimlet.
In addition to the burgers and taco rice that are often ordered by customers, there are many delicious foods that go well with sake, so please feel free to drop in.


Introducing the popular dining bar menu in Machida

A bar with an adult atmosphere near the station on the road


A bar with an extensive cocktail menu

We offer liquor that matches your cuisine

Draft Beer
  • ロゴ

    Kirin Ichiban Shibori (raw)

  • ロゴ

    Kirin Ichiban Shibout Stout (Kurosei)

  • ロゴ

    Half & half

Bottle beer
  • ロゴ


  • ロゴ


  • ロゴ

    Zero one (non-alcohol)


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A calm bar just a short walk from the nearest station


Store name

One wld

Street address

3-2-9 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo Elm Building 1F

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 4:00

Regular holiday



Machida's dining bar One wld is a shop that is open and within easy walking distance from the nearest station. As a restaurant where you can enjoy not only liquor but also food, the hamburger and taco rice are popular. We offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, and we also make things that are not on the menu.

About us

The popular dining bar in Machida has a relaxed atmosphere

A popular dining bar in Machida has an extensive food menu

If not only the drink menu but also the food menu is not fulfilled, customers cannot be satisfied. “Dining” means to dine, so we are also focusing on food menus to provide delicious food to our customers. The popular bar welcomes guests with an extensive food menu. Taco rice with a delicious hamburger with fresh vegetables and spicy meat scallops sandwiched between fluffy and soft buns and a lot of gravy is a popular menu. And beef steaks that can't be overlooked by meat lovers are thick and juicy and excellent with red wine.
There are also a wide variety of menus that are popular with pasta, salads and women, as well as a selection of cheeses and sausages that cannot be removed at the bar, and classic French fries. In addition to cakes and parfaits, we also offer seasonal menus that can be enjoyed after meals.

The dining bar near Machida Station accepts girls-only gatherings and charters

If you are looking for a shop that can hold a girls' party or a private banquet near the station, please use it. A large number of sofa seats are available to find the best seats for a small banquet, and if you move the sofa seats, you can enjoy even more than 10 people. It can be used for events such as birthday parties, girls' parties, and farewell parties, making it a bar where you can spend a wonderful time with your friends. Also, for 15 to 40 people, we can accept charters and can also have a buffet-style party, so it can also be used for wedding second parties. There is also a projector in the store, so you can watch video works on DVD.
In addition to the girls' party course, the party course, and the relaxing course where you can relax, we also have a lunchtime course, and you can add all you can drink to all courses. I can do it. In the case of a charter party, we will decide on dishes and drinks in close consultation with the secretary, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests.