If you are looking for a dining bar around Machida Station, please come

A dining bar near the Machida Station, One World, is a shop that values the visitor who comes to Japan with a smile. Of course, service manners such as hospitality manners are considered, but considering the enhancement of the menu is also important, there are many types of drinks and food.
Drinks are particularly focused on cocktails, and you can make other types that are not listed on the menu. A wide variety of food items such as pasta and rice are available for lunch and dinner.
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Machida's dining bar offers an extensive menu

Masters who say, “I ’m so happy when I come home with a smile” are important to providing food and drinks that satisfy our customers. Drinks are beer, wine, whiskey and cocktails that are indispensable in the bar. There are many liqueurs available, so you can enjoy cocktails that are not listed on the menu, and there are many soft drinks that are safe for those who don't like alcohol.
Don't forget that “dining” is a word that means meals, and in addition to those that go well with alcohol, we have menus that can be enjoyed for dinner and lunch, such as rice and pasta. The popular menu is a hamburger with taco rice with tomato and meat rags on rice cooked with tomato and beer, and patty and vegetables overflowing with gravy sandwiched between thick buns. Try delicious food from a bar that specializes in food menus.

Machida's dining bar can accommodate girls-only gatherings and charter

The bar on the quiet streets has a great atmosphere and makes it easy to spend regardless of age or gender. The shop is a stylish and calm space with candles, and you can spend a relaxing time with your friends.
The feature is that all the seats are sofas, and the inside of the store has a wide and luxurious space so you can enjoy it without worrying about the surroundings. There are couple seats in addition to three types of sofa seats, 4 seats, 5 seats, and 8 seats. Private reservations are also accepted for 15 to 40 people, and if you make a reservation, you can celebrate with a birthday plate or cake. If you are looking for a shop where you can have fun with friends and lovers in your local area, the friendly staff will welcome you with a smile, so please feel free to come.

Food menu is popular among dining bars in Machida

There are many food menus available, as delicious food is essential to entertain guests. A hamburger with a sense of volume is one of the popular menu items where patty full of gravy and fresh lettuce and tomatoes are sandwiched between soft buns when chewed, and the taste of meat and the sweetness of vegetables spread throughout the mouth. Taco rice, another popular menu item, is a taste that draws out the ingredients of the tomato and beer-cooked rice with the deep-flavored ground meat and tomato acidity intertwined. Slightly mild chili concans and plenty of cheese, fried eggs can also enjoy exquisite taste.
Other than that, we are waiting for you with a rich menu of beef steaks that are thick and you can enjoy the original taste of meat, beef roasts that are soft enough to be mistaken for roast beef, pasta and sweets.

The popular dining bar in Machida has an extensive drink menu

The bar has an extensive drink menu and is committed to cocktails. In addition to the popular gin tonic and classic martini and gimlet, we also offer margaritas with a taste of exquisite tequila bitterness and curacao sweetness, and tequila sunrise with a fruity taste. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of cocktails such as Kamikaze, whose name is derived from its vodka-based taste and the reminder of the Japanese Navy ’s Kamikaze special attack in the Pacific War. You can make something that is not on the menu, so feel free to ask.
In addition to cocktails, there are many alcohol menus such as beer, whiskey, and wine, so you can enjoy your favorite liquor while spending a relaxing time with friends and lovers.


Enjoy a cocktail at Machida's dining bar

Boasting burgers and taco rice are popular

One wld, a dining bar near Machida Station, offers a wide variety of drinks such as beer, wine and whiskey. There are many types of cocktails, and there are popular menus such as classic gin tonic, moscow mule, martini and gimlet, and you can enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.
In addition to the burgers and taco rice that are often ordered by customers, there are many delicious foods that go well with sake, so please feel free to drop in.