We will actively communicate the charm of One wld

One wld, a dining bar near Machida Station, opened a blog in order to share a wide variety of cocktails, popular food menu hamburgers, taco rice, and other items recommended today. The atmosphere is good, and we will provide useful information for customers, such as the calm interior, daily business scenes, the profile of the staff, closed notices and deals. Be sure to check out the staff blog of the bar that is attracting attention in the neighborhood.
  • Atelieno cafe & Bar

    New store [Atelierno cafe & Bar] Preparations are steadily progressing (* ^^ *) I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Yabe soon (^^) We ...
  • It's October (^^ ゞ

    Onewld is finally moving towards a new store! As a change that everyone can see, I think that the staff will change and change. The number of new fri...
  • Rebecca

    Good morning (^^) Today, 9/25 (Friday), Onewld will be open from 18:00. It's suddenly getting cold. Please be careful not to get sick (^^...
  • How are you spending your holidays?

    How are you spending your holidays? Onewld is also open on 21 (Mon) and 22 (Tue) (^^) Please note that we will be closed on 23rd (Wednesday) i...
  • 2nd store

    This time, a nice cafe "Various Neuro" standing at Yabe Station on the JR Yokohama Line has also moved to JR Hashimoto Station, and we will take over the ni...
  • Cuban Bullet

    We are currently improving Cuban sandwich bread and Cuban bullets into homemade bread! We aim to make it more crispy and more delicious (^^) I...
  • I look forward to working with you today.

    Good morning Today 9/15 (Tuesday), Onewld is open from 18:00 We look forward to welcoming you to the store ventilation and disinfection today (^^)...
  • Hamburger and cuban sandwich

    Homemade bun burgers are also secretly popular. The brand name on the top of the freshly baked buns is cute. Cuba Sand has a collaboration pro...
  • Open from 12:00 noon to 4:00 the next morning

    Onewld has been open for business from last week from 12:00 noon to 4:00 the next morning. Enjoy a homemade buns burger or a popular Cuban sandwich...
  • Cuban Sand

    Introducing Cuba Sand. It started from the takeout in March (^^) Please try it! Machida Cuba Sand
  • ロゴ

    Notice of suspension of business

    Onewld is temporarily closed from 4/12 to 5/6 due to the influence of coronavirus m (__) m
  • April!

    It's April! The request for self-restraint in restaurants in Tokyo the other day has been issued, and the coronavirus is finally rampant. Mean...
  • Good weather continues!

    Good weather continues! (^^) The cherry blossoms have come and the spring has come. The public is in a self-restraint mood solely because of t...
  • 3/14 (Sat) is a special day

    Good morning (^^) Today, March 14 (Saturday), Onewld is open from 12:00 noon. March 14 is a very important day for Onewld. Thirteen years...
  • Sunny! !

    It's a nice weather `` ヽ (・ ∀ ・) ノ Recently, due to the influence of the coronavirus, simply because of lack of effort and lack of study, the qu...
  • A new system has started!

    Good morning (^^) Onewld has started with a new structure from March (^^) Business hours are from 12:00 noon to 4:00 in the next morning and l...
  • For birthday parties, girls' parties, and c...

    Onewld will be able to use it for lunchtime girls' party, birthday party, charter with the change of business hours (^ ^) Please feel free to ask! ...
  • Open today on 2/24 (Monday)

    Good morning (^^) We are open today for transfer on 2/24 (Monday)! ! Please note that we will take a rest on Tuesday, 2/25 (Tuesday) instead m (__...
  • Start of consecutive holidays! !

    Good morning! The weather feels good today! ! By the way, consecutive holidays start! (☆ ∀ ☆) Spring is coming soon! Today Onewld is...
  • 2020/02/20
    Onnews is open from 18:00 today on Thursday, February 20 (^^) Close to consecutive holidays, seats are reserved little by little, thank you m (__) ...
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Popular bars in the local area provide helpful information to our customers on staff blogs. Today we will introduce recommended food menus and drink menus and send out discount information. Menu We receive your voice happy, such as "Give me from food that has been placed on the blog was delicious" from customers who are wondering whether I choose which one because it has been enhanced.
Among the bars in the local area, the restaurant is a popular place where you can spend a relaxed atmosphere in a relaxed space. When you make a reservation at a restaurant where you can spend yourself in a free space where you can drink alone, use it on a date with an important person, or enjoy your favorite liquor or food with your friends If you ask, we will prepare a course menu and birthday plate with all you can drink, so please use it at events such as birthday parties and girls' associations.