A variety of cocktails at Machida's dining bar

One wld, a dining bar near Machida Station, offers many drinks and food menus. In particular, there are a wide variety of cocktails, and you can make something that is not in the menu from popular menus such as gin tonic, Manhattan, Moscow mule and margarita.
In addition to pasta and rice, the main meat and pizza are also available so that you can enjoy both food and food alone. Taco rice and burgers are one of the popular menus.

The Machida dining bar has a calm atmosphere

From the nearest station, the station Chika bar is a hideaway shop where you can spend a relaxing time in a calm atmosphere facing a quiet street. The friendly staff welcomes you with a smile. The warm interior has a calm atmosphere, except for the counter seats that can seat 7 people, all of them are sofa seats, 4 seats, 5 seats, 8 seats can be used on a date from one person, girls' association etc. It can accommodate parties from small to large groups. There is also a private party for 15 to 40 people, so please feel free to contact us.
Because it is in a place where you can walk from the nearest station, you can use it when you want to stop by on the way home from work and have a drink with your friends. Drinks and food have a large number of menus, and course menus with all-you-can-drink are also available at banquets and events, and they are highly rated in reviews.

Dining bar near Machida station has a variety of cocktails

In order for our customers to return home with satisfaction, it is necessary to constantly improve their services. We think that it is necessary to serve delicious liquor for one of them, so we have many kinds of cocktails. We offer a high-quality cup that allows customers to show natural smiles and relieved expressions when they take a bite, such as gin tonic, mosque mules, and Manhattan, which are classic menus.
In addition, there are a wide variety of liqueurs available for birthdays, special anniversaries, and dating, so you can have a special cup to make a wonderful memory. Please feel free to contact us. There are also other drink menus such as beer, wine and whiskey, and the course menu includes all-you-can-drink options so you can enjoy your favorite drink.

Machida's dining bar One wld is popular for food

The food offered by Machida's dining bar One wld has a menu that suits alcohol and can be used for dinner. There are many menus that are indispensable when drinking wine such as cheese and sausage platters, as well as a menu of pasta, rice, and meat.
Taco rice, which is a popular menu item, is excellent when it is loaded with beef and tomatoes with plenty of thick-flavored meat and tomatoes. If you eat chili concan and cheese together, you will find a different taste. A hamburger with plenty of ground beef and plenty of fresh vegetables in juicy buns and soft buns, with optional egg, bacon and cheese toppings, is perfect for volume. There is also an all-you-can-drink course menu that can be used at parties and events.

One wld is a dining bar near Machida Station

Machida's dining bar, One wld, is a convenient location just a short walk from the nearest station. If you go straight along the street in front of the station, you will see the City Central Library and the hotel.
There are counter seats and a lot of sofa seats so that a lot of people such as students, office workers and office workers visit, so that couples, girls' parties and parties can be opened from one person. The counter is designed to be large enough to hold 7 people and is large enough. In addition to seats for 2 people, 4 people, and 5 people, the sofa has a seat for 8 people whose layout can be changed, and there are couple seats where two people can sit side by side. Many people, including private parties, will be entertained so that you can have a good time.


Enjoy a cocktail at Machida's dining bar

Boasting burgers and taco rice are popular

One wld, a dining bar near Machida Station, offers a wide variety of drinks such as beer, wine and whiskey. There are many types of cocktails, and there are popular menus such as classic gin tonic, moscow mule, martini and gimlet, and you can enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.
In addition to the burgers and taco rice that are often ordered by customers, there are many delicious foods that go well with sake, so please feel free to drop in.

A calm bar just a short walk from the nearest station


Store name

One wld

Street address

3-2-9 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo Elm Building 1F

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 4:00

Regular holiday



Machida's dining bar One wld is a shop that is open and within easy walking distance from the nearest station. As a restaurant where you can enjoy not only liquor but also food, the hamburger and taco rice are popular. We offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, and we also make things that are not on the menu.