Enjoy the food and sake at Machida's dining bar

If you are looking for a dining bar near Machida Station, use One wld. From small drinks such as singles to couples and girls' associations to banquets such as company farewell parties, we strive to create a comfortable space.
The friendly master welcomes you with a smile and gives you a surprise event, such as a birthday plate for the birthday party. We can accept charter for 15 to 40 people, so please feel free to contact us with your voice.

Machida's dining bar is like a retreat

There are a lot of restaurants in the surrounding area, so you can't figure out where to go. In recent years, if you search on your smartphone, you can see the menu and location of the store, but you can't understand unless you get into the atmosphere. Please take a look at what customers say to the store to avoid the experience that the store you've been investigating has gone beyond your imagination.
Even in the local area, it is a place where you can walk and walk from the nearest station, but you can spend time calmly facing a quiet street. You can spend a relaxing time in a quiet atmosphere. The seats are also divided into counter seats and table seats, so even one person can relax and perfect for a small party. In addition, there is a table for 8 people so that it can be gathered by work colleagues such as company welcome and party, New Year's party, year-end party, meeting, etc. It is a hideaway shop where you can also have a private party.

Come to the Machida Dining Bar

Please use it if you plan a small group drinking party in the local area. It is a daily scene that women who are working hard regularly open and enjoy girls' associations with their friends. Talking about trends and fashion information while tasting delicious food, or talking about childcare or work while drinking alcohol is a valuable time. It is an indispensable event to relieve daily fatigue and stress and return to work and home.
In addition to being an easy place to gather near the station, we also have a girls-only gathering course. Starting with appetizers such as avocado dip and today's salad, the menu includes beef roast and pasta. You can enjoy your favorite drink with all-you-can-drink, and there is also a soft drink, so those who are not good at drinking are also safe. Cakes and plates are prepared for each birthday and celebration, so please come to the girls' association.

The dining bar near Machida Station can also be used for dates

The dining bar near Machida Station has received high reputation as one of the choices for couples to date. You can enjoy delicious drinks and food in an elegant atmosphere with candles inside. Seats are spacious and luxurious with a seat for 7 seats, a couple seat, and a sofa for 4 seats. In addition to being particular about the atmosphere and menu, the courtesy of the staff is also well received.
There are many kinds of cocktails among the bars around the nearest station, and you can order popular gin tonics, Manhattan, and classic martinis that are not on the menu. In addition, burgers and taco rice are popular for food, and there are many orders. Birthday plates and cakes can also be celebrated for anniversary and birthday celebrations.

Enjoy delicious food at the dining bar near Machida Station

Having a good time at a reputable restaurant is not only a good drink, but also because you can taste delicious dishes, you can have a natural smile. In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, it is important to provide food of your choice by increasing the food menu selection.
Taco rice and hamburger are popular items in the food menu, both of which are full of volume and taste good, and are often ordered by customers. As a restaurant that can be enjoyed only with meals, it also has pasta, rice, and meat, and offers beef roasted beef, beef steak, omelet rice, tomato and mozzarella spaghetti. A course menu is also available so that it can be used for events such as anniversaries, banquets, and girls' parties. We also support surprise events such as birthday plate gifts.


A calm bar just a short walk from the nearest station


Store name

One wld

Street address

3-2-9 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo Elm Building 1F

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 4:00

Regular holiday



Machida's dining bar One wld is a shop that is open and within easy walking distance from the nearest station. As a restaurant where you can enjoy not only liquor but also food, the hamburger and taco rice are popular. We offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, and we also make things that are not on the menu.