The latest information introduces popular food menus

Machida's dining bar, One wld, shows a commitment to food menus. We offer a number of special menus that are particular about the type and taste. The popular taco rice has a strong taste of beef and rice cooked with tomato, and when eaten with tomato, the taste spreads in your mouth. Hamburgers with fresh vegetables and juicy patties sandwiched in buns are of the same quality as a specialty store.
We will introduce other popular menus, so please check the latest information.
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The bar that attracts attention in the neighborhood is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and a delicious food menu. Since we want to make our customers more enjoyable, we will create and tell you a page where you can find deals.
We will send out recommended menus and discount information today. There are many restaurants in the vicinity of the nearest station, but it faces a quiet street and is an environment where you can spend in a calm atmosphere. In addition, it has attracted attention from the surrounding area as a shop that can be used for parties because of its many drink menus and delicious food. We will continue to make efforts to improve the service so that customers can enjoy the store without being satisfied with the current situation. Information on menus and services will be updated from time to time, so please check the latest information.