Please thoroughly enjoy abundant drink and delicious food

Machida's dining bar, One wld, has many delicious food menus. One of the popular menus is a hamburger with a thick patties and crispy vegetables sandwiched between buns, full of juicy taste and full of gravy. Taco rice, which has been cooked with beer and tomatoes with plenty of meat and tomatoes and is served with cheese and chili concan, has been well received by customers.
We have a wide variety of drinks such as beer, wine and cocktails, and we look forward to welcoming you.

You can enjoy a wide variety of drinks at Machida's dining bar

Facing the back of the city's central library, the bar is quiet and has a large cocktail menu due to its many liqueurs. Martini, the king of cocktails, said that the queen of cocktails Manhattan, Daiquiri that can enjoy the smooth sweetness of lamb with lemon acidity, and when it was made, there was nothing better because of its deliciousness. Many menus such as XYZ with the last three letters of the alphabet are prepared.
In addition to chilled beer, whiskey and wine, there is also an extensive menu of soft drinks such as coffee, hot tea, lemonade and cola float. You can also make cocktails that are not on the menu, so please feel free to contact us if you request.

Machida's popular dining bar offers delicious food

There are many kinds of food menus that are indispensable as well as drinks at the dining bar. Taco rice, which is also a popular menu, has plenty of flavored meat and tomato on top of rice cooked with beer and tomato. Serve with cheese and a little soft chili concan. Another popular menu is the hamburger, which boasts a juicy patty and crispy vegetables in soft buns.
Beef steak and soft and roast beef cattle that you can enjoy the original taste of meat in addition to roasted rice with octagonal effects on tomato and mozzarella cheese pasta and carbonara, specially made demiglace sauce so that you can enjoy only with meals There is also a menu of roasting and so on.

Corresponding from girls' parties to charter parties at Machida's dining bar

The bar has a quiet atmosphere and an adult atmosphere that caters to all your needs. In the shop where you can spend your time at home and in a hideaway atmosphere, you can handle dates, girls-only gatherings, company parties and launches from one person. For those who want to drink after work, you can spend a relaxing time at the 7-seat counter. Couple seats are available for use on dates, and the sofas in the store have 4 and 5 seats so you can spend time with your friends or at a girls' association. The 8-seat sofa has a type that allows you to change the layout, so you can enjoy a little party.
In addition, we accept private parties from over 15 people and can be used for various purposes such as wedding parties, farewell parties, and year-end parties.